Congratulations for the world premiere performance of the march: "Colors Of The World" by Alex Track during the concert season 2011, performed by the Pueblo Municipal Band.” - Gerhard Track, ACSOM (Austrian-California Society of Music)
After attending all the seasons concerts we thoroughly thought you did a remarkable job. your jazz band is great and agree with other posts about the you saxophone player. He is outstanding. Cannot wait until next year!” - Louie
What a great big band this year!! It sounds great! The young man Steven who played the Nocturn was absolutely amazing! If we have that kind of talent in Pueblo, who needs to go to Denver to listen to their musicians. When he makes it to the big time or is on the Tonight Show, at least we all can say we heard him in Pueblo! Great job! We want to hear him again!!” - Magbee Arnold, Pueblo
We look forward to the summer's concerts, one of Pueblo's most enjoyable Sunday evening traditions!” - Harold & Cindy, Pueblo
Great program last Sunday! Really enjoyed the variety of music.” - Joe, Pueblo
Best wishes for this year's fund-raising. It is so wonderful to have these free concerts each summer.” - Marilyn, Pueblo
The band seems to get better every year! Keep up the good work.” - Rod, Pueblo
I am enclosing my check ... what a joy to listen to the band every Sunday!” - Mark & Heather, Pueblo
Hello, I really like your new website. The band is sure a lot larger this year and it seems that the family that runs the business side of it is doing something right. You mentioned their names and they should be recognized more on the bill. My wife and I really enjoy the music and seeing old friends in the audience. We really love the marches and the show medlies. If Mr. Ritter wants to sing them, he needs to practice them some more like he does for the Impossible Players he regularly performs in. We also really like the young man who plays the saxophone. He was featured last year and brought my wife to tears. We hope to see him more in the future features. Mr. Emery also does a fine job keeping everyone on time. Why can't he play a little longer than 8:00 P.M.? We the audience are not in a hurry to leave. Keep up the good work!” - Bill Johnson, Pueblo
Thank you for playing the Star Spangled Banner at a singable speed. It was way too fast before. As well with the announcement of the removal of the hats during the singing. Keep up the good work! You make Pueblo proud.” - Sheena Jackson, Beulah